Welcome to Multi Pharma
Shri. Heera lal sharma was born on 13th February 1957 in Tiloli, a small village 30km away from Bhilwara, Rajasthan. At the age of 17 after passing his tenth standard, he was on his way to Bangalore on 10th April 1974 with the sole aim of establishing his empire in pharmaceutical distribution. He worked for 1 yr at a pawn broker and then, he joined Mahajan drug house. He worked as a sales representative and took the firm to great heights within seven years with his effective and efficient work.
Our Mission
It takes years to earn someones trust. For over a decade now, Multi pharma has been providing quality and service oriented distribution.

No wonder, Multi pharma has earned the trust of thousands all over Karnataka. Our continuous approach and optimum service is our way of saying that we value your trust.
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